Complete solution

with multiple ways of communication

Communication Features

Ulearn Education provides out of the box communication features which helps Students, Tutors and administrators to get timely notifications and assignment and GLS alerts

Group SMS

Ensuring easy communication based on the need

Ulearn LMS allows tutors and administrators to view students based on the search criteria and then send individual and group sms to these students.

The sms are logged in the system and tutor and admin can also view the history of the sms sent anytime .

Group Chat

Increase interaction and engagement by directly communicating with students and trainers

Ulearn LMS provides a way to chat with individual students. Tutor and students can chat with fellow students of the same group.

There is also a provision for group chat where all the students of the class and the tutor can chat in a single place and share ideas and thoughts

Instant notification for new messages, emails and chats ensures that trainers and students do not miss any important communication and are always in-touch providing better connectivity and response.

Our product provide a unique range of benefits

  • Out of the box Edexcel assessment

    Ulearn LMS provides an out of the box Edexcel assessment system. Tutors can grade students based on Assessment Criteria and Learning Outcomes. Grade descriptors can be applied to the RQF units and Grades like P1, P2, P3, Merit, Distinction and Refer can be awarded at AC level and also at the Unit level.

  • Easy Communication

    Ulearn provides students and tutors of different groups to communicate within the group using Individual chat, group chat, Group Learning Space (forum).
    Tutors and administrators can filter student based on their submissions, intake, semester or unit and can send then group sms messages or emails from the Ulearn Communication tool and also keep the history of the communication.

  • Reliable and 100% Uptime

    Ulearn LMS is a very reliable system (Certified by IMS Global for LTI interoperability). It has a benchmark uptime record of close to 100% , which means our servers are up and running all the time and even upgrades are managed seamlessly without making the server down.

  • Rich Content and XAPI

    Ulearn LMS provides a way to upload content of major file formats like Word, pdf, movie file, audio file, youtube link, ppt , excel. It also allows to provide linls to youtube or any external link.
    Ulearn LMS is compliant with the XAPI store and we help deliver Scorm content with embedded quizzes to pur clients. Click here to view the sample Scorm Content

  •  Manage Semester Units Groups Intake and Courses

    Administrrators can manage (create and view) Semesters, Unit, Groups, Intakes and courses and allocate Tutors and Internal verifier to each of the groups. Internal Verifier helps in quality assurance of the various processes and assessments. Students can be allocated to these groups and assigned course and its content .